Ants – Melbourne FL and Brevard Common Pests

Ants are a very common problem for households in Melbourne, FL.

However, this doesn’t mean that people should ignore them and continue living like they are not present because they can cause a lot of damage and problems on their properties. The most common place where ants are found is in the kitchen. What makes these insects interesting is that they can eat almost any type of food. You can find them eating or carrying small pieces of sugary products, meats, bread and almost any other type of food.
carpenter ants in Melbourne FL treatments by Orange Pest control
There are many different species of ants and some of them are found in Melbourne, FL too. Carpenter ants, odorous house ants, fire ants, black ants – these are just some of the types of ants that cause problems to hundreds of homeowners. These ants might look different, but they are “working” in a similar way. Namely, they are always searching for food and liquids and on their quest they are leaving a strong pheromone trail that other ants can find and follow easily. As a result of that, people are often witnessing a real infestation in their homes.
But, there is another thing that makes these species of ants different and that’s the damage they are causing. In most cases, they can lead to minor damage in homes. However, there are species like Pharaoh ants for example that can infest food and lead to digestive problems. In addition, carpenter ants can damage wood making your home structure less reliable. Generally speaking, ants can’t trigger diseases in people. In any case, ants can become a serious problem that can affect the quality of your life and your home’s structure.

In order to get rid of ants, Orange Pest Control will identify the species of ants.

Based on this information, it is much simpler to identify their nesting location, food choices and the best way to get rid of them. This is a complex process and if it is not done in the right way, it can lead to more problems. This is the reason why it is the best idea to use professional ant pest control.

fire ant treatments in Melbourne FL by Orange Pest controlAnts are very small insects and they can enter our homes even from tiny cracks and holes.  Orange Pest Control will use a wide range of methods and products that depend on the species of ants. We can identify the type of ant easily suggesting the right method for control and elimination. All of the methods we use are guaranteed to be safe for you.

There are some ways in which you can prevent or reduce the presence of ants yourself. For instance, you should always place your food in food containers that are well-sealed and well-closed. You should also keep your home clean especially the areas where you eat food. Finally, seal the visible holes and cracks in walls.

If you find your home is infested, or have an ant problem that you feel the professionals should handle, give Orange Pest Control a call today at 321-631-1974 to schedule your free home evaluation.  We can handle any ants you find in your home, or we can spray your lawn with a treatment for fire ants which are very common in Melbourne.