Bed Bugs – Melbourne FL and Brevard Pest Treatments

Bed bugs were not a huge problem a century ago, but today they are becoming one of the most common pest problems for many homeowners.

The reason for this change is simple – they are usually focused on attacking urban areas and Melbourne, FL is not an exception due to the high number of vacationers that visit Brevard County.

bed bug treatments in Melbourne FL by Orange Pest ControlAt one point these insects were almost eradicated (when people were using Lindane, Chlordane, and DDT), but now they are back. There are few other factors that contribute to their thriving – people today travel more than ever, homeowners use pest control products that are specialized for specific insects and leave bed bugs unaffected and the fact that most people are not aware of their existence. Bed bugs are usually found in hotels and homes, but it is not unusual to encounter them in retail stores, schools, libraries, offices or literally any other public area.

These oval, brown bugs are actually parasites which mean that they live by consuming blood from people. Human blood makes them thrive and reproduce. Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs are not found only in dirty homes. In fact, there is almost an equal chance to find bed bugs in a clean or in a dirty home. It’s also good to point out that bed bugs can feed on animals and pets like cats or dogs.

Bed bugs are usually found in areas where people rest, sleep or stay for a long period of time.

When they are very hungry, bed bugs will stop hiding and look for fresh skin. An average bed bug spends about two to five minutes feeding.

bed bug in mattress treatment in Melbourne FL by Orange Pest ControlIt is good to know that the bites of these bugs are usually unnoticeable, and when they are noticed people usually think that they were bitten by a spider or a fly. In many cases, people experience rashes from their bites, but in other cases, there are no visible symptoms. Bed bugs are not associated with the transmission of any disease even though they are carrying more than two dozens of human pathogens. In places with high temperature and major bed bug infestation, these bugs can lead to anemia especially in children. There is evidence that these small insects can trigger secondary skin infections like lymphangitis, ecthyma, and impetigo too.

When a home is infested with these bugs, it will take a lot of precise work, moving of pieces of furniture or even disassembling furniture to get rid of these pests. That’s why it is the best idea to use the help of a professional pest control company, like Orange Pest Control, that has experience with this type of pest. We have a proven method to service a home for bed bugs that involves a combination of chemicals and other techniques.

Bed bugs are not interested in food or the materials used in the construction of our homes, but they are interested in our skin and blood which makes them even worse. These bugs lead to infections, rashes, and inflammation and in rare cases, they trigger anemia, stress, insomnia and general distress. If you notice bed bugs in your home in Melbourne, Fl, don’t hesitate to call Orange Pest Control in Melbourne FL to eradicate these pesky bugs from your home.  Call today at 321-631-1974 to schedule your free home evaluation.  We will come to your home and identify the pests you have and come up with a comprehensive plan to get rid of the bugs and keep your family safe.