Cockroaches – Melbourne FL and Brevard Pest Treatments

If you are like most people then the sight of cockroaches probably makes you feel scared or at least disgusted.

Cockroaches treatments in Melbourne FL by Orange Pest ControlIn addition, many people have developed phobia associated with these ugly looking small insects. According to some experts, people naturally fear cockroaches because they know that these bugs can pass many different diseases. So, while it is true that cockroaches can’t affect the physical integrity of your home in Brevard County, they can definitely affect your health.

Cockroaches are often called super insects and there is more than one good reason for that. Namely, cockroaches can survive in almost any environment and they can feed on anything. Due to their preference to live and operate in hidden areas filled with bacteria and germs, they bring these bacteria and germs with them and spread to animals and humans. In addition, cockroaches usually eat contaminated food and come to our homes from the dirtiest places in our neighborhoods. Even though cockroaches are not a huge problem in Melbourne, FL, there are certain parts of the city where these bugs appear more frequently. The fact that they can carry diseases like typhoid, dysentery, poliomyelitis and gastroenteritis makes them a serious problem whenever they appear around humans.

In addition to their capability to spread a wide range of diseases, cockroaches can also activate asthma and allergies in men and women.

The allergens found in cockroaches include leftovers of their body, saliva, and feces. Thanks to modern technology, laboratories can now measure the level of cockroach allergens found in the air and dust inside the house. What several studies have confirmed is that urban children that live in low social households have asthma attacks that are closely connected to the presence of cockroach allergens. The allergen pieces are relatively large and they can stick on any surface. In addition, they can spread through the air too.

Cockroaches treatments in Melbourne FL by Orange Pest ControlAnother thing that is important to know is that people allergic to these insects develop severe asthma attacks when exposed to cockroaches. These attacks often last for a long time. People who are dealing with chronic severe bronchial asthma are usually at a higher risk of becoming allergic to these insects. Cockroach allergy brings few other symptoms like a scratchy throat, itchy nose, itchy eyes, skin rash, stuffy nose, sinus infections and ear infections.

Cockroaches are virtually indestructible, but they can be kept outside of our homes if you keep your place clean and use proven safe cockroach treatments by our trained professionals here at Orange Pest Control.  We use sophisticated methods and proven pest control measures that will make the cockroaches flee your home or office. We also use products that cockroaches dislike, so your home should be safe for a long period of time. Generally speaking, you should not try using pest control products on your own especially if you don’t have any experience. These products can be dangerous if they are not used in a proper way.   We know how, where and when to use each product we use.  Your family’s safety and well-being is our first priority.  Call us today at 321-631-1974 to schedule your free home evaluation.  We will come to your home and identify the pests you have and come up with a comprehensive plan to get rid of the bugs and keep your family safe.