Fleas and Ticks – Melbourne FL and Brevard Pest Treatments

Fleas and ticks are blood-sucking parasitic insects that are found literally everywhere.

When they are brought to our homes, they can become very dangerous not only for the health of our pets but also for our health. We often watch our pets itching, but the discomfort that these pests bring goes far beyond irritation. Namely, in many cases, fleas and ticks can pass a wide range of illnesses to both animals and humans. This is not something new for Melbourne, FL pet owners.

Flea treatments in Melbourne FL by Orange Pest ControlFleas and ticks are not very picky when it comes to their residence.  Of course, your home is probably the best spot for their progress. On top of that, these insects don’t need nutrients very frequently so they can stay alive for a very long period of time.

Since they are constantly looking for blood, they can extract some illness from one source and pass it to you or your pet. There are many illnesses that have been associated with fleas and ticks and we will mention some of them. First of all, fleas can transfer tapeworms to humans and pets. If your pet chews and eats an infected flea they can develop tapeworms. The risk of something like this to humans is low but possible.

Fleas can also trigger so-called cat scratch fever. This illness can reach pets and humans easily. In case an infected flea bites your cat, the cat will develop this illness quickly. On the other hand, if your infected cat bites or scratches you, this infection will be passed to you. You can also pass this disease by petting your infected cat and touching your eye after that.

Ticks can start some dangerous diseases too like Lyme disease.

What is even worse is the fact that fleas can pass some even more serious disease like bubonic plague and typhus. Even though these cases are not very common, the danger is still present. We should not forget that ticks can start some dangerous diseases too like Lyme disease for example. This specific disease is usually caused by ticks that usually feed on deer. This is the most common disease caused by ticks. Lyme disease affects different organs including the heart, the brain and joints and muscles.

While it is true that the risks associated with fleas and ticks are modest, it is also true that cases like this are not uncommon in Melbourne, FL.  In case you’ve noticed flea and tick infestation, it’s the smartest idea to call Orange Pest Control right away.  Ticks and especially fleas don’t need much space or resources to start spreading in or around homes, so acting fast should be your top priority.  Call us today at 321-631-1974 to schedule your free home evaluation.  We will come to your home and identify the pests you have and come up with a comprehensive plan to get rid of the fleas and ticks and keep your family safe. You can also try to prevent these things by taking good care of your pet. For example, you can start washing your dog or cat on a regular basis. When you are outside with your pet, stay away from tall grass and shrubs because they are usually packed with fleas and ticks.