Mice and Rats – Melbourne FL and Brevard Pest Extermination Treatments

You definitely don’t want to be near mice and rats especially in your home

There are many movies and animated series in which mice and rats are portrayed as kind and fun animals, but the fact is that when it comes to real life, you definitely don’t want to be near these animals especially in your home. On top of that, there are a large number of people that fear or dislike mice and rats and when you take a closer look at the possible dangers and risks they bring, this fear is probably reasonable.

Mice and Rats Extermination in Melbourne and Brevard county FL by Orange Pest ControlMice and rats, or the parasites that they carry to be more precise, bring a huge number of diseases and some of these diseases may be fatal to humans. Some of these diseases include rat bite fever, listeria, salmonellosis, and Hantavirus. In addition, it was rats and mice that triggered the Bubonic Plague, a deadly disease that halved the population of Europe in during the 14th century. Truth be told, many of these diseases that we have mentioned are typical for other areas, not for Florida or Melbourne to be more precise, but they can serve as a clear example that the presence of rodents (especially mice and rats) should not be ignored.

According to several scientific studies, mice and rats can also trigger some very serious allergies in people. Mouse urine and mouse dropping were associated with allergies in the past. What’s even worse is that the number of people that are allergic to dust and mold is equal to those allergic to mouse urine and droppings. Finally, mouse allergens can lead to asthma in both kids and adults.

Mice and rats can also affect the integrity of your home

Besides these well-known and proven health problems, mice and rats can also affect the integrity of your home. What makes mice and rats special is the fact that they can eat almost everything that stands in their ways including parts of the structure of your home. These rodents have incredibly sharp and strong teeth and they can easily cut and chew wallboards, insulation, wood and cardboard. There are many cases when mice target electrical wiring in the home and we don’t have to talk much about the dangers of this practice. One out of four fires in homes in the USA is caused by rodents.

Mice and Rats Extermination in Melbourne and Brevard county FL by Orange Pest ControlMice and rats are active throughout the year, but it seems that when the temperatures start going down, they want to spend more time inside homes. So, during the winter period, we are witnessing a drastic increase of mice and rats infestations.

It’s worth mentioning that there are a large number of people that are convinced that they don’t have problems with these rodents just because they have never seen one in their home. However, this doesn’t mean that they are not there. Mice and rats are known for their ability to hide fast. Sometimes they are living for days in some homes and homeowners can’t notice their presence. In addition, even though you may not have a problem like this at the moment, there is no guarantee that they won’t visit your home soon. Mice can enter homes even through small cracks and openings that can be 0.25 inches wide. Once they find shelter, they reproduce very fast.

Using the help Orange Pest Control is a must for every homeowner in Melbourne, FL whenever they notice the presence of mice and rats in their homes.   We have many methods to find, trap, and exterminate your mice or rat problems in your home.  Call us today at 321-631-1974 to schedule your free home evaluation.  We will come to your home and identify the pests you have and come up with a comprehensive plan to get rid of the bugs and keep your family safe.