Termites – Melbourne FL and Brevard Pest Treatments

Termites are a fact for every homeowner in Melbourne, FL

Many homeowners are afraid of hurricanes and home fires because they know that once these natural events start, it is very difficult to keep your home safe. This is a fact that every homeowner in Melbourne, FL knows. But, there is another problem that can cause similar or even greater damage to your home although it doesn’t look so frightening as fires and storms – termites. One termite is practically harmless, but these insects work and live in large groups and when they are present in high numbers, that home is in a lot of trouble. When the termite colony settles in your house, your house becomes their food. The only thing you can do in a situation like this is to call Orange Pest Control and hope that it’s not too late.

Termite damage treatments in Melbourne FL and Brevard by Orange Pest ControlSo, termites are relatively small bugs which create colonies. A termite colony consists of a large number of individuals – sometimes they have a few hundred termites, but sometimes they have a few million termites. Just like in the case of many other insects that form colonies, their strength is in their number. So, they can access literally any source of food easily, something that they can’t achieve when they are alone. Similar to ants, termites have a strict hierarchy in their colonies which allows them to be very efficient and productive because every individual knows its role.

Termites are well-known pests in Melbourne, FL.

These pests consume dead plant matter and they are usually focused on wooden structures. People in Florida and all over the world are using wood as well as other plant matter as a basic material to build their homes. This is not a new practice, but termites are not new pests either. They have always caused problems like this. What makes termites very dangerous is that they infest homes fast, creating large colonies that can put the integrity of your home at risk quickly. When they are found in nature, termites are usually quite useful because they are practically recycling and processing dead plant matter which in the end leads to the creation of useful compost. However, when they are eating the support beams and other parts of your home, they are not doing anything good for nature, but they obviously don’t care. They are driven by their natural instincts and their instincts say that they must eat and reproduce. Termite damage treatments in Melbourne FL and Brevard by Orange Pest ControlEvery year, termites lead to damage in buildings worth millions of dollars and the worst part is that many insurance companies don’t cover damage caused by termites. Another thing that makes termites so dangerous is the fact that it is very difficult to notice their presence in your home and people usually detect them when they have done significant damage. They eat the wood inside out.

If you suspect that your home is under attack from termites or some of your neighbors have experienced something like this recently, you should call Orange Pest Control to inspect your home for FREE. We have experience, knowledge, and training and we can easily determine whether there are termites in your home or not. Of course, we can also eliminate these dangerous pests too.  Call us today at 321-631-1974 to schedule your free home evaluation.  We will come to your home and identify any problem areas or termite infestations you have and come up with a comprehensive plan to get rid of the bugs and keep your family safe.