Whiteflies – Melbourne FL and Brevard Pest Treatments

White flies are becoming a huge problem for the residents of Melbourne, FL.

Recently, it seems that the number of these pests has increased and they now have a great impact on local agriculture. These annoying insects are spreading illness and have an impact on food production not only in Florida but across America. Since they are affecting food production, they are also increasing the price of different kinds of food they use.

Whiteflies infestation treatments in Melbourne FL and Brevard by Orange Pest ControlWhite flies come with mouth parts that are able to pierce through the external parts of plants, so they can extract fluids from them. They act in a similar way like mosquitoes. However, white flies don’t bite humans, which is quite natural because they are not blood-sucking insects.

White flies can be found in different areas, but they are especially fond of areas with a warm climate, which makes Brevard a perfect home for them. They can’t live in very cold conditions. Females lay yellowish eggs and they place their eggs right under the leaves of plants that they use. Once these eggs are planted, the leaves become significantly darker after just one day. After a week, these eggs are turning into nymphs and start using the content of the leaves. It takes one more week for these insects to become adults, prepared to cause more damage and procreate.

White flies simply love plants and they don’t discriminate

The majority of female white flies are laying eggs in spring, especially in late spring. If everything is alright, they can lay more than 400 eggs in less than two months, but this number is typically lower. White flies simply love plants and they don’t discriminate plants based on their location – they are using both outdoor and indoor plants. White flies feed on flowers and veggies and they won’t stop until the plant is completely destroyed. There are situations when white flies appear in very large groups and if the farmers or homeowners don’t take measures right away their crops and plants will be destroyed quickly. Potted plants in the home are not safe either.

Whiteflies infestation treatments in Melbourne FL and Brevard by Orange Pest ControlThere are two different types of white flies – Ficus white fly and rugose spiraling white fly. The first type is smaller and usually, feeds on Rhododendron and Ficus plants. The second is larger (about 2.5 mm) and female rugose spiraling white flies lay their eggs in a spiral form.

As previously mentioned, white flies can’t cope with low temperatures, so they are usually found in warmer places, inside our homes, and in greenhouses. They live under plants’ leaves. The infestation of white flies escalates quickly, so taking preventive measures and finding a way to get rid of them once you notice white flies on your property is the smartest option.

There are many DIY tactics and strategies that people can use to eliminate white flies, but if you want to be sure that this problem is solved in a proper way, you will need to call Orange Pest Control. We have the skills, equipment, and knowledge to efficiently solve a white fly infestation. This kind of service will save you both time and money because we know exactly how to treat these pests and have the right products to do it. Call us today at 321-631-1974 to schedule your free home evaluation.  We will come to your home and identify the pests you have and come up with a comprehensive plan to get rid of the bugs and keep your family safe.